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Dr. Ahish Pillai
Consultant Physician
Park Am See Nattika Ayurveda

At Retreat Park AM See Nattika Ayurveda the rejuvenation treatments known as "Rasayana," focus on revitalizing the body, mind, and spirit to promote longevity and vitality. Rooted in ancient Indian wisdom, these treatments aim to balance the body's doshas (energies) while detoxifying and nourishing the system.

Central to Ayurvedic rejuvenation is the concept of restoring the body's natural equilibrium through personalized therapies tailored to an individual's unique constitution, known as Prakriti. The therapies followed at Retreat Park AM See Nattika Ayurveda often include a combination of herbal remedies, dietary adjustments, massage techniques, and lifestyle modifications.

Key components of our retreat are rejuvenation including Panchakarma, a detoxification process that eliminates toxins from the body through therapies. Additionally, dietary changes, yoga, meditation, and specific herbal formulations are prescribed to strengthen the body's resilience and promote overall well-being.

These rejuvenation treatments not only address physical ailments but also target mental and emotional imbalances, promoting inner peace and harmony supported by the excellent ambience of our Retreat. By restoring the body's natural state of balance, Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapies offer holistic healing and rejuvenation, allowing individuals to experience renewed vitality, mental clarity, and enhanced overall health and wellness.

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