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Dr Ajith K J
Consultant Physician
Rockholm at the lighthouse Beach
(Branch of Park am See Nattika Ayurveda )

Manasastu chintyam artha: The ancient and foremost teacher of Ayurveda, Charaka Acharya refers to the mind as that which thinks. Mind is the tool which can know and analyze its objective.

In Ayurveda, the mind is considered as the sixth sense, superior to the five sense organs. In some of the Ayurveda treatises, the mind is also referred to as different functions of the brain. Because of its peculiar role in controlling different sensory (knowing) and motor (commanding) functions, the mind has an important role in preventing diseases and to get cured.

Mind develops in one’s life just like any organs of the body. It also gets diseases due to genetic causes, external causes and by the mixture of these. Different types of psychosis conditions, neurosis conditions, personality disorders, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, phobias, dementia etc. are coming under the heading “mental disorders” or the diseases related to mind.

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Stress is another major factor which disturbs mental health. Due to many reasons like - behavioral, familial, social, financial and occupational factors people get over stressed. It is a type of mind hyperactivity. Stress can affect the rhythm of daily activities. People can lose interest in drinking, eating, sleeping like essential body functions because of stress. It will trigger hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia, obesity like lifestyle disorders which are the basis of serious life threatening health problems. Sometimes the stress can lead to developing some unhealthy habits like smoking, alcoholism and drug use.

Spending much time before the screen makes the mind hyper alert, deteriorating its health. People get less active physically when they immerse themselves in computers and mobile phones. Not only at work, but also in their leisure time, people today prefer the screen. This will create damages to the mind thereby to the body similar to stress.

For every individual, the mind is their inner child who needs careful attention and care. It needs proper nourishment, a calm atmosphere and healthy relationships for disease free development. At Park am See Nattika Ayurveda we can support your inner self. Effective communication with our expert Doctors and tailor made treatment plan can target your mental strains. Yoga teachers can bring harmony to your mind-body balance. Healthy food served with personal diet plans will take care of your gut-brain energy flow. The beautiful warm atmosphere of our beach with soothing green gardens will refresh your thought process. With our holistic approach, we welcome you to purify your mind and body then to enlighten the spirit inside you.