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Mr. Rubathsingh S
Yoga Teacher
Park Am See Nattika Ayurveda

The OM mantra, often referred to as "Aum," holds a special place in the world of spirituality and meditation. OM finds its roots in ancient Indian scriptures, particularly the Vedas and Upanishads. It is regarded as the primordial sound from which the universe emerged. The symbol itself, when written or chanted, consists of three syllables - A, U, and M - representing the waking, dreaming, and deep sleep states of consciousness. Additionally, the silent fourth aspect represents the transcendent, beyond ordinary consciousness. Om is considered the monarch of all mantras.

All bIjamantras and mantras originate from it. It prefixes some mantras. It is representative of the Supreme God Principle (Parabrahman). Chanting the Om mantra during yoga sessions at Park Am See helps guests focus their minds and pay attention to the present moment. It plays a very powerful role in paying attention or concentrating during meditation or any other activity that requires overall focus.

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A sound or rhythmic power of chanting the Om can persuade a touch of serenity and composure and also helps to reduce stress, tension, and anxiety. It promotes an experience of inner tranquillity. Om chanting generates vibrations that move through our entire body. Om chanting has been shown to improve mental, bodily, and energetic states. enhances a person's general well-being as well. With its rich spiritual meaning and long history, the OM mantra never fails to uplift and guide guests on the journey of self-discovery and spiritual development.

OM, whenever chanted as a form of prayer or incorporated into meditation, continues to be a timeless symbol of the vast connection that unites the universe. May you discover new levels of inner serenity and spiritual awareness as you investigate the transforming potential of this divine sound. In conclusion, the OM mantra is adored in yoga halls as a representation of harmony, equilibrium, and spiritual closeness. The resonant sound of OM, when chanted at the beginning, middle, or end of a yoga session, adds a hallowed quality to the practice and promotes an atmosphere that is beneficial for inner calm, self-discovery, and overall well-being.