Sound Ayurveda treatment at PARK AM SEE

Our authentic Ayurveda treatments at PARK AM SEE are based on deeply rooted principles that activate the restorative powers of body and mind. Your individual health is at the center of our careful examination and treatment plans. Experience the thorough approach of our Ayurveda doctors at Nattika Ayurveda during your first consultation, which includes the following traditional examination methods:

  • Darshana (inspection and observation):– An initial visual impression allows our experts to assess external signs of your health.
  • Sparshana (palpation, percussion, auscultation): – Through palpation and acoustic analysis, our Ayurvedic practitioners assess the balance of your doshas and the physical makeup of your body.
  • Prashna (questioning):– A comprehensive survey uncovers all aspects of your wellbeing - from dietary habits to individual lifestyle factors.
Using these sound diagnostic methods, our specialists create a personalized treatment concept that is tailored to your unique constitution and personal health goals.
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With every Ayurveda treatment at PARK AM SEE, our doctors take the utmost care to:
  • Analyze the imbalance of your doshas (vikruti) and understand how this imbalance affects your health.
  • To discover your individual body constitution (Prakriti), which serves as the basis for a customized therapy.
  • Plan specific treatments tailored to your needs to effectively eliminate accumulated toxins.
  • Design a nutritional strategy that targets the specific imbalance of your doshas to support the healing process.
  • Optimally prepare your body for the absorption and maximum effectiveness of Ayurvedic medication.

To make comprehensive recommendations that support the restoration of your natural balance, including adjustments to your lifestyle, diet and measures to promote your overall well-being. Our approach aims not only to treat temporary symptoms, but to identify and address the root causes of discomfort and illness. In line with Ayurvedic traditions, we actively support you in creating a lifestyle that promotes long-term health and balance.

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The wisdom of Ayurveda Ayurveda is considered one of the oldest holistic healing sciences in the world and is firmly rooted in the depths of Indian philosophy. This traditional practice, often hailed as the essential healing science of India, invokes the power and purity of natural elements to promote health and well-being. As an integral part of the Vedas - a collection of scriptures that are among India's most important spiritual treasures - Ayurveda reflects not only medical knowledge, but also a philosophy of life. It teaches the harmonious symbiosis between human life and nature, whereby the aim is not just to cure illnesses, but to maintain and optimize health. At PARK AM SEE, we embrace this ancient philosophy and combine Ayurvedic principles with our treatment methods to ensure a holistic health experience. By harnessing the blessings of nature, we strive to harmonize the body, mind and soul of our guests and promote profound, sustainable health.Read More


Personal well-being through natural detoxification Discover the tranquillity and beauty of PARK AM SEE, where we specialize in a tailor-made range of Ayurvedic treatments and detoxification therapies. Here, your individual health is at the center of all therapeutic approaches, lovingly tailored by our dedicated team of Ayurvedic physicians and Ayurvedic therapists. In our healing environment, which lives the philosophy of Ayurveda, we offer you the following specialized services: Targeted treatment plans that take into account your personal Prakriti (your basic constitution) and Vikriti (existing imbalance). Detoxification therapies such as Panchakarma, which naturally help to eliminate harmful toxins from your body and improve your well-being. Ayurvedic nutritional advice, tailored to the specific requirements of your dosha configuration, to optimally support the detoxification processes. Recommendations for adapting lifestyle habits in harmony with Ayurvedic principles to sustainably strengthen your health. In the calming atmosphere of PARK AM SEE, we celebrate the art of Ayurveda to help you not only detoxify your body, but also achieve a profound renewal of mind and soul. Take some time for yourself and experience how our Ayurvedic detox treatments can give you new vitality.Read More

Our Methodology of Healing

Our Methodology of Healing Mind, Body & Soul at Nattika Ayurveda Center Dietary habits, daily rhythms and climatic influences can cause toxins to accumulate in the body, which can lead to an imbalance of the three doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha). At Nattika Ayurveda Center, we are dedicated to identifying these toxins and eliminating them through proven Ayurvedic cleansing processes. Our specialized strategies at Nattika Ayurveda Centre to purify the body include: Panchakarma therapy: a deep detoxification that rejuvenates the body and supports the natural purification processes. Personalized diet plans: Tailored to your dosha profile to improve digestion and reduce the accumulation of toxins. Yoga and meditation practices: Designed to create mental clarity and promote holistic health. The Nattika Ayurveda Center aims to provide integrated healing, focusing on deep cleansing and renewal of body and mind. We invite you to experience the holistic benefits of Ayurveda - for more balance, vitality and zest for life.Read More