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Dr Hema
Chief Physician
Park Am See Nattika Ayurveda

The uniqueness of ancient Indian sciences is the Panchamahābhūta theory, which holds good with any physical phenomena in the Universe! The whole universe is made up of 5 elements: Prithvi, Jala, Agni, Vayu, and Akasha. These are found in various combinations of different proportions, thus giving different physical and chemical properties to each substances. To better adopt the Panchamahābhūta theory to deal with the Human Body and the Human Mind, our great ancestors, devised the idea of Tridosha theory. Three Doshās make up the entire human body, in various proportions so as to perform various physical and biochemical functions.

In Ayurveda, we define the Doshās by their physical properties.

  • Vata is a combination of Dryness, Lightness, Coldness, Roughness, Subtleness and Mobility.
  • Pitha is a combination of Unctousness, Sharpness, Hotness, Lightness, Fleshy smelling, Spreading nature and Fluidity.
  • Kapha is a combination of Unctuousness, Coolness, Heaviness, Slowness, Looseness, Stickiness and Immobility.
If some of these properties tend to increase in any part of an individual’s body or in functions, or if the person feels like so, then the Dosha to which it belongs can be decided!

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For instance, if you feel heaviness, it means there’s an increase of Kapha Dosha in your body. If you have a rise in body temperature, then it’s due to an increase of Pitha Dosha; and so on. There are a lot more applications for Tridoshas. In a person’s life span, the initial ages will have a dominance of Kapha Dosha, younger ages of youth will have dominance of Pitha Dosha, and as age progresses Vatha takes the dominance. During the day, early morning hours will be a dominance of Kapha in the body, middle noon hours will be a dominance of Pitha, and late evenings will be a dominance of Vatha. When a person eats food, immediately there’s an increase of Kapha. You might even feel increase of slime secretion in your throat and chest region at this stage which is an attribute of Kapha. Soon after this stage is the stage of Digestion where lot of heat is generated, which is an attribute of Pitha. After the digestion is completed it is the stage of Vatha. You might feel gases forming and may even get bloating at this stage. This is an attribute of Vatha. The real beauty of this Science is that it is easily relatable in life events. Thus the name “Science of Life” (Science ~ Veda and Life ~ Ayu) – AYURVEDA! Contact us to learn more !